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Cheering words damage people who live in happy relations, while he is useful to those which are in a clip, - ersteren he brings along that they need in her despondence in view of the plagues breaking upon them of cheering words, he gives the latter good hopes, - and this exit is consistent and has his good reason. Since nobody says to a sighted: 'You will see again', but of course to one which has the cataract, - to nobody to a healthy: 'You will come again to forces and recover', but of course to a sick person. Also it behaves if somebody moves up to another and says: 'Wealth to you, blessing, luck and all conceivable good!', wishes, as one expresses them obviously towards a person who neither lives in good relations nor can do and leave what he wants. If somebody should prophesy to a pressed freeing from the mi▀lichen situation, one calls to himself the implementation about the reliable sourses in the memory, - you are speak Reliably, one must trust him if not, him despise as a swindler. (See also 'sourses')

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