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Association: - Taste pleasure. Question: - What would absolutely like I to try out?

In general:

Tongue often makes clear erotic needs, more in general also feelings which suggest themselves stronger and stronger, but better should be controlled. In the broader sense she embodies selfrepresentation and establishment of contact. Sometimes stands behind it the admonition, his tongue (that what one says) better to bridle. The tongue is a symbol of the male gender organ.


By the tongue the speech is possible to the person. She has in the dream, hence, a fruitful and creative aspect which refers primarily to the spiritual. Therefore, to French kiss or genital kisses have not necessarily in the dream also a sexual character. They mean rather that the dreaming should take care of the problem with the person whom he kisses in the dream. If one sees own tongue in the mirror (see there), the unconscious gives us the advice to be quiet rather in a certain situation, than to babble casually. If we see the tongue of another person in the dream, we should think of the sharp tongues in our surroundings in which chatterboxes, which slander us and others.


A steadily formed tongue conformist to the mouth have and clearly and clearly speak is for each of good premeaning, while this do not speak skill or an engaged tongue Stockung of the shops and poverty mean, - then the poverty robs the person of the freedom of the speech. Here one would be able to do the word of the Theogenis (from Megara of writers by birth (about 550 B.C.) ,-Verse 177-78 his aphorism collections) state: 'Yes if in need hinschmachtet a man, is never glad he of the word, Never action, and the compulsion holds to him the tongue paralyzed.' A swollen tongue announces the wife of the dreaming, if this is married, it is not an illness, it, to himself. A tongue hanging out from the mouth means damage as a result of cheeky speeches, often also defamation of the wife of the dreaming as an adulteress. If one believes hair on the tongue to have, white or black ones, it is no good portent. Though one states, by profession it would bring to speakers luck, however, the dream face goes out after my experience for each badly. Since everything what lies sluggishly and is not worn out promotes the wax of hair, however, the person tongue may not be sluggish. Black hair accelerates, white ones delay the dream fulfilment. My personal inquiries concerning this dream experience are the following: The tongue refuses her service to the talking to public speakers, the remaining people to the admission of food, - either they were laid low ill and could take her usual food not to themselves, or the illness heaped them even there. The confirmed also Apollonios from Attaleia in the second book of his writing where he speaks in detail of this dream face. Besides, it makes no difference whether the hair from the tongue is, from the palate, the gums, from the teeth or the lips hervorgesprossen, - it always means the same.



  • Dreaming of the emperors, he has lost the language, his office board of directors will get in danger, and the issue of his letters and writings will prepare heavy worries for himself, - the dreamer is an easy man and soldier by profession, the confidential thoughts and wishes of his heart will not become obvious, - everything will go for an arm squint, feel a Mrs. Scham and veil itself before the looks of the men.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he has retrieved the language, he will rightly estimate his office board of directors and honour, and his good services will be of big use to him, - also they will be conducive to all others.
  • Having somebody in the tongue injures itself, so that it does not hinder him though in the speech, probably, however, in food, he will run into difficulties with all in his endeavours to come to possession and income, and get in extreme poverty.
  • If to one dreams, he lisps or stutters, that will tackle a work, but harvest mockery, however, suffer no damages.
  • if somebody the tongue rausstreckt: one will soon make fun of one and try to be deceptive to one,
  • even to somebody stretch the tongue out: one is to be made himself on the care not by an untalent ridiculous, - also: do not get involved in Schwätzerei,
  • wet: you will hurt somebody,
  • drily: Illness danger,
  • blue: Death news,
  • swollen: one lies to you,
  • bite in this: one will be pursued in the next time by the misfortune,
  • take a short-cut: bad defamation,
  • cut-off: there approaches a passionate dear affair which will be connected, nevertheless, with substantial incommodities
  • eat: are quiet is better than talking.

(European ones).:

    no doubt, passes
  • sexual symbol and sexual organ (in direct and transferred sense), - in the meaning
  • you must watch out before somebody jealousy to which you wants to slander,
  • somebody stretches to one the tongue against: one is rather clumsy and makes himself ridiculous, - one steps aside to the gossip more different,
  • of another see: one will be denigrated with a scandal, - now one should protect his tongue,
  • see the own: own friends will look disapprovingly, - one should hold his words very much under control,
  • these burn themselves: by much too big eloquence one has excited surprise or will excite such,
  • in any way unsoundly: own garrulity will bring to one in difficulties,
  • eat: The defamation which one can ruin relatively easily.


  • Dreaming of the emperors, his tongue would be cut off to him, would be shortened or become so big that he cannot move them any more, he will pass unfair sentences, - he is clever and points, he will lose his cleverness and wisdom, the enemies will triumph about him, and he will get in big distress. A man from the people will be defeated in the lawsuits which he carries on and not come out of need and misery. If a woman has this dream, she will be glad of her husband and enjoy his love, - then every woman irritates just by her tongue the man to the rage.
  • Dreaming to the emperor that his tongue is more relaxed and more flexibly to the speech will be he in all his orders and judgments admiration-solemnly and flawless. An easy man who leads a quarrel thing in court will win and succeed in his shops, - a woman will hate her man and be impertinently against him.
  • see: Worries will become apparent with you,
  • suffers: small sufferings,
  • swollen: Illness of a relative,
  • very long: violent grief,
  • eat: Health, - ease,
  • point to somebody: you have bad customs.
(See also 'body', 'kiss')

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