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At home

Association: - Centre of the being, - spiritual. Question: - Where does my mind live?

In general:

A dream from home often refers to our sense for emotional and financial security. Maybe one longed to return in past, and from such dreams one learns to associate, the past with the present - or the future-. Older people often dream of her parental home, above all if they had a happy childhood.


Every person has the basic needs for protection, warmth and food. The home, particularly the parental, can symbolise all this. If one dreams of being at home, this one return symbolises to the basic values which one has learnt as a child. The dream symbol requires from the dreaming to bring his primary personal desires with the qualified behaviour in harmony. If a dream of a sure home acts, the base exists for this step.


This vision acts from a holy site, from a place at which the dreaming can be he himself without fear of repayment. The people who believe in the spiritual speak 'of going home' if they mean the death because the physical state look only as a passing state.

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