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Association: - Sweetness, - Nascherei, - sometimes also forbidden joy. Question: - Which joys do I deny myself?

In general:

Sugar embodies the convenient sides of the life and everything what is felt in own personality as positive, - maybe one is asked to form the life more positively. If one eats him, can point out also to the fact that one is mistaken himself in a matter, sees them too positive and thereby takes maybe damage.


In the dream sugar is not sweet. Rather he points to a physical lack. Maybe one would particularly like to get dressed up the life, but the everyday life does not join in.



  • Eating of a sugar, he will win joy and welcome wealth.
  • it is
  • consumed he sugar little place, he will spend so many happy days, as he has eaten little place, - only one, will be lovely to him the luck one day, one month or one year, these are two or more, according to their number.
  • he delivers
  • Licking of a ground sugar, he will acquire big wealth which reaches for many days - other from the sugar, he will also prove other good.
  • Dreaming one, his sugar has resolved in water, will be Having and Property more and more dwindle.
  • he will acquire
  • Carrying somebody a lot of sugar in his house, without work and worries a big property.
  • distributed he sugar under the arms, he will stand destitute people with words and deeds aside.
  • or sugar loaf: Flirtations or flatteries, - (4, - 38, - 89)
  • eat: you hear too with pleasure flatteries,
  • get as a gift: the requited love is not loyal nicely, however,
  • see shop or buying itself: you want to win somebody for yourself,
  • bury: one will have an experience which is not so pleasing as it appears for the time being.

(European ones).:

  • attempt to enjoy the pleasant of the life - happy experiences with the partner, - one inclines to make to himself and other the life by jealousy difficult, to indulge even, nevertheless, in the pleasure, - physical and mental setbacks are not to be avoided, - points out to prosperity and on the fact that one comes to the situation to prove reliefs,
  • see: an unsightly job or work is made easier to one by the third side very much, - one must fight with problems, - nevertheless, these better go out than in the beginning expected,
  • ask for sugar: Enemies will do to one something disagreeable,
  • shop: one wants to win somebody for own plans,
  • see in large quantities: one might soon lose something,
  • from a bag of sugar trickles: one loses only a little,
  • eat: one is very receptive to flatteries.


  • eat: avoid for a short time the people, you are surrounded by flatterers,
  • shop: pleasant life,
  • bump: you have love to your trade,
  • receive given: one advertises around your love.
(See also Kandel,' sweetness')

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