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In general:

Earlier a plait which was twisted from three strands symbolised the unity of body, mind and soul. He stood also for the influence which an adolescent girl took up and which determined her self-image as a woman. Hence, in dreams a plait shows femininity and sensitivity. Plait can admonish to concentrate strength and energy upon an aim. However, often he warns about 'old plaits', above all habits, settings, expectations and convictions which are overtaken and should be cut off, finally, because they restrain the further development.


Twisted hair was once the symbol for order and cleanness. Lichens from tapes, hair or cords are for abilities of the dreaming to interweave the different influence of the life to a coherent whole. Who twists a plait in the dream, hangs in the awake life on old plaits, defends itself against the progress without being able to detain him, admittedly.


Very fine influence comes into play if the dreaming begins to develop spiritually. A plait which is wound on the head to a crown refers to spiritual achievement.



  • see or carry: you will be put out to the general mockery,
  • see twisting one: complicated business negotiations or, however, changes of the whole living conditions approach,
  • twist: you have secret dear wishes, - also: you are in the concept a folly in dear things to commit,
  • carry hanging: you are futile,
  • carry put on: one will admire you,
  • take a short-cut: Tears and frustration, - also: one has the intention to file tiresome habits.
  • see cut-off: one should lay a matter which has already cost a lot of trouble and energy, finally, to the acts,
  • sell: a small monetary taking,
  • in the hand: you will introduce innovations.

(European ones).:

  • one has the courage to dare to come out of the traditional way of life,
  • see one: one will have to separate from an old, dear habit, - one should try out something new and clings too much to old orders,
  • twist: the mind has got lost in a dear matter,
  • take a short-cut: now one wants to file with pleasure tiresome habits and should do this also,
  • is a sign that slanderers lurk to be able to do to you a harm.


  • see: you will suffer a damage, - one leads you behind the light,
  • long: you are not so clever as you act,
  • carry: you cannot free yourself from old prejudices,
  • twist: you take an important thing too easily,
  • lose: Misfortune,
  • take a short-cut: you will break with outdated views.
(See also hair)

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