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Customs officer / duty house / customs office

In general:

Duty (customs officer, duty station) can stand for the tribute which one must give to the life for joy, luck and success, - one should not quarrel with the destiny if it is so favorable once not, but remember nice times which will return. Sometimes it also warns about exposure if one has to hide something. He brings to traders luck. Since only to big deal with the foreign countries have to go by the duty, and if they are announced there, trade is already under roof and field. Sick person forecasts the vision, however, an increase of the suffering, because the customs officer reminds of the guard before the kingdom of the dead. The vision a delay predicts travellers.


What is claimed from us in the dream on the border, the demands which the life makes presently to us are translated. If we are caught by customs officials at the smuggling, we are probably demanded too much in the awake life to fight through quite a certain thing honestly.


A customs officer brings to every luck which wants to process a transaction and conclude successfully, - then by the payment of the duty it prophesies the end of every business. To people, fortzeihen want - always the customs officer stands in the gates - he announces short delays, then, however, she infuses of her way and there travel, - then 'telos' (Telos = duty, end, death) we call the death. In view of marriage ceremonies and communities he says that partners and wives are argumentative and cantankerous on the one hand favorably, on the other hand, because it comes with the elevation of the duty every time to discussions. Their goodwill and her reliability can be explained by the fact that customs officers exercise an awake service.



  • see duty house: you are led behind the light,
  • duty: small incommodities by own guilt, - also: Annoyance with office places.

(European ones).:

  • one watches out for swindlers, - points to rivalries in your work,
  • one enter: signalled that one aim at a long-desired position or that it is offered to one,
  • see or in it deal: an up to now kept secret intimate relation - maybe even from former time - will become obvious,
  • leave one: promises the loss of a business or position, - it could also fail to protect a desired thing.


  • annoyance and frustration, Scherereien.
  • pay duty: besides, you will have to pay some teaching money.
(See also border, tollgate)

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