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  • Dreaming one, he eats cinnamon, he will carry high authority and a good name in his gender because the cinnamon is odoriferous.
  • Getting of a cinnamon, he will become rich and get a noble son.
  • joy is given
  • Receiving of a cinnamon as a guest present, him from foreign country.
  • cinnamon wine drink prophesied according to the drink a difficult, but considerable office, - becomes intoxicated in it, will close to him wealth.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, one brings him cinnamon, he will receive of foreign people a message which will cause that frustration and need because cinnamon bites, to him, however, oversized joy because cinnamon is odoriferous. If the same dreams, he gives other cinnamon, he will make happy them with a suitable message.
  • news from wide distance.

(European ones).:

  • warns about too big contradiction and dogmatism.


  • The cinnamon means a noble and strict prince because he bites on the one hand, on the other hand, is odoriferous.
  • Eating of a cinnamon, he will attain power and a good name of a mighty and strict prince.
  • gets as a gift somebody cinnamon, shops or finds he him, he will win joy and wealth of such a personality.
  • it will become
  • Having one a cinnamon bark tree on his field or property, emperor or a mighty prince, - however, this dream comes up only to emperors, princes or future emperors, - then the cinnamon bark tree points to a mighty and famous ruler, - how it could be about the fact that that which dreams of it a usual or easy man is
  • delivers somebody to another of the fruit of the cinnamon bark tree, he will share with this wealth and power.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he gets such a tree and maintains him carefully, he will prove to one of his related favour and raise him, however, he allows to tear out the tree, he will disown him from his palace.

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