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Gipsy (in)

In general:

Who dreams of Gipsies, feels in his life restricted and has the wish for more freedom. Maybe he would like to escape from the problems of the everyday life, besides, should not forget, however, on the fulfilment of his duties. However, the dream of Gipsies sometimes symbolises also the modesty of the dreaming who knows how to start something already with the small joys of the life and does not estimate haughty, unprincipled people.


Gipsy (in) symbolised intuition, distinctive individuality which submits to hardly social norms, independence and a fickle life. The interpretation is based on old prejudices as a warning of falseness, deception and salesmanship. Prophecies of Gipsies can sometimes arrive, however, often they also warn about deception, - now and again the inclination appears in it also to the mystic or the need for advice in a mi▀lichen situation. Gypsy music should indicate the wish for a romantic love affair after old dream books.



  • see: your unstableness damages to you, - also: you long for free life.
  • can be prophesied by them: your hopes are thwarted,
  • Gipsy: you hear astonishing things about yourself,
  • speak: one foresees future developments properly.

(European ones).:

  • see or speak: in material regard care is compulsory towards a person by whom one will get to know a lot of beauty, new and peculiar - also: indicates at thieves and warns about carelessness, - hence, is careful, - otherwise, any carelessness will bring you grief, - also: a sign for a fickle life,
  • visit a gypsy camp: one will receive an important offer, - the examination of the respect of the parties will bring to a disadvantage,
  • one speak: one foresees the development of a thing properly,
  • have to the friend: one will find a friend on whom one can absolutely count in the case of the need or danger,
  • act with one: one will lose money with speculations,
  • of such allow to prophesy against final money: one will be soon pulled the wool over the eyes by somebody,
  • of such from friendship get prophesied: can be looked as a true dream, which is why the contents exactly are to be followed,
  • get involved with such in a business: one will be taken in by somebody financially,
  • are loved by such sincerely: announced for the real love of the life firm loyalty, - the partner will go with one through thick and thin,
  • with such one flirtation have: if a sad and serious love affair and misfortune brings in the marriage,
  • hear gypsy music: if a romantic experience,
  • promises he will lose
  • Maintaining to himself a man with a Gipsy, probably a big property.
  • a Gipsy of a woman the future forecasts
  • , this is an omen for a hasty, imprudent marriage. If it is already married, she will be jealous of her husband for no reason.


  • see: you are in the mistake.

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