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Association: - Suggestion, - addiction. Question: From what want I to deflect myself?

In general:

The selfdamage instrument of our time! A vicarious satisfaction, because the soul soaks up appreciative something. Sometimes also an erotic dream.


The cigarette has two different meanings in the dream: On the one hand it is a symbol for enjoyment of life, spiritual Regheit and inspiration. However, on the other hand she also points to dependence, dependence and nervousness.



  • you is nervous and impatient, this damages.

(European ones).:

  • light themselves: stands for new plans,
  • hold a half-smoked cigarette in the hand: if means deferment,
  • a to an end smoked one: a successful fulfilment of hopes.


  • pleasure and wealth,
  • you is adventuresome.
(See also alcohol, cigars)

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