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In general:

If the dreaming in the dream manages a hit on a target, this shows that he has firm aim images. Perfection striving plays a role if the centre of the target is met. If the dreaming takes a person in the visor, this is either a tip to hatred or to sexual desire.


Motivation plays in the life of every person a role. Only a target as a symbol for intellectual ambition does not prove yet a lot of sense if the remaining dream elements are not examined. A sales target can point out, for example, to the fact that to the dreaming his aims are given by other people. If the dreaming aims to another person, it can be that this other person is a projection of the dreaming in truth.


At the spiritual level a target with the symbolic power of the Mandala (see 'Mandala') can agree or explain, however, Even of the dreaming.


(European ones).:

  • a matter will fulfil to quite and no place for pleasure let,
  • in the middle of a target to hit: if is a luck-like dream, - miss: the opposite,
  • to somebody to others see shooting: one should be careful whom one gives his trust,
  • Seeing to itself a young woman as a target, her call is endangered by envy of the colleagues.

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