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If acts a dream of an official to whom the dreaming has no respect in the real life, then he deals with the part of itself which co-ordinates his life and steers. Every official dream figure, particularly a uniformed, draws the attention of the dreaming to the personality portion which would like to belong to an organised group. At the deliberate level the dreaming maybe regards himself as a rebel. However, in his unconscious maybe there slumbers the need for adaptation and integration. In the childhood every person learns to submit authorities. If the dreaming had a strict father who often made banked demands to him, then this may return in the dream as an official. Official has in dreams traditionally an unfavorable meaning what explains itself with by the processed uneasiness with the contact with officials. In particular the monetary handing over in an official or the quarrel with him can announce financial losses, problems and big difficulties in close future, - one should consider this with intentions and plans with.


The need for a spiritual authority is probably shown in such a dream. The dreaming maybe looks for a higher guidance which says him what he should do.



  • a dream deals with several officials, one should prepare for concerns, worries or difficulties.
  • The meeting with him is good, - if you use your words with care, the end will be to your advantage.

(European ones).:

  • see: as a rule nothing good, - worries, incommodities, - disconcerting times,
  • give to money: there threaten losses,
  • with one argue: many incommodities by oncoming conflicts or a process.


    you will only be able to recognise
  • by loneliness who you are.
(See also 'authority's people' among 'people')

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