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In general:

If one dreams of closing a gate, this refers to the fact that one has set external goals to himself. Later one recognises this maybe than to at short notice or in the long term or sees generally that these were the wrong ones. If an aim is missed, this can be a tip for the fact that the dreaming has considered not all conditions of a situation.


If the dreaming sits down in the dream life aims, this can be interpreted as a tip for the fact that he stands with his internal determination in connection. The appearance often reflects the inside, and aims can point out to the fact that the dreaming knows instinctively what he must do.


With the help of this symbol the spiritual ambition of the dreaming appears. If he is aware first of all of his aim, he develops wonderful ideas to reach it.



  • Your plan can be fulfilled. You succeed.

(European ones).:

  • the plans of an architect require the attention, - a flat change stands in a queue.

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