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In general:

Drawing points to any form of the active action. The dreaming is drawn the attention by the dream on the fact that he can walk in a certain situation to the action. If he is in the dream even the pulling, he makes with a plan the decisions. If he is pulled, he maybe has the impression to have to give to external compulsions. Additional strains are possibly necessary, so that something happens. Also the object which a dreaming pulls, or the means with which he does this can be important. Drawing (mostly of a carriage) announces many efforts for which one can hardly expect thanks and wage, - whether one can avoid them, reveals itself only from the individual living conditions. If other pull something, one will maybe need assistant or profit, however, from the efforts more different without having contributed a lot to it.


In the everyday life the dreaming maybe becomes from his feelings 'herumgezerrt' and does not feel in addition in the situation to offer resistance. In the dream this can be expressed by being pulled. The dreaming possibly believes to have to resign himself to something and not to be able to rebel against it.


In a certain stage of the spiritual development the feeling appears to be pulled in a certain direction. It is conceivable that the dreaming feels in addition packed to do certain things without knowing what drives him.



  • feel: a temptation has big influence on you,
  • are pulled: it is to be pulled itself up in the time to own activities or to follow a call,
  • pull a carriage or such: though one will have much laborious job, however, reaches to a sure salary.

(European ones).:

  • a thread by a bottleneck: a small flirtation will come about and bring together glad hearts,
  • move a little bit with effort of the way: points to heavy advancement and threatens with worries,
  • of a carriage or cart: if brings the laborious work which is badly recompensed
  • are pulled: now one should perform result to a request or pull up himself, finally, to actions.


  • diligent work will further you.
(See also rope, carriage, bridle stuff etc.)

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