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Billy goat



    billy goats put out to pasture
  • Dreaming somebody, it at a place, will govern unfair, rapacious and acquisitive men there.
  • see one: either a spiteful person is in our surroundings which want to damage us, or one himself is 'stubborn' and wants to put through his will.


  • a warning sign of special kind: A billy goat gives to understand that the dreaming proceeds presently too daringly in dangerous situations. He is not contented with his gender life and loses about that the head. The symbol wants to admonish him not to subordinate the thinking to his desires, because he can get, otherwise, in very disagreeable situations. It is a matter of taking in hand the reins firmly. (Man

(European ones).:

  • see a billy goat: either one himself is just quite 'stubborn' or offers unnecessary resistance, or a bad person gives a hard time to one by his headstrong behaviour,
  • a billy goat with the horns on one goes off: care is advised before spies,
  • Dreaming a woman to ride a billy goat it will be despised because of unconsiderable behaviour.


  • you is a stiff-apt person.

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