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In general:

Report mostly announces an acid test. If one recognises in the dream that it is good, one will not get over this test probably so well, while the bad report is to be interpreted as a favorable portent. The fear of a report is also sometimes expressed which one really expects, - with school children points often to education mistake of the parents.


A well-known symbol for the fear, to fail and to be 'punished' for it - however-.



  • A truth comes to the day.

(European ones).:

  • receive meant if it is good: an embarrassing matter is finished in own unfavours, - it is bad: the execution of an embarrassing matter will run favourably,
  • deliver: one will be made remain not completely with the truth.


  • read: you are open and honest and will thereby get on,
  • receive: you will get to hear the truth,
  • exhibit: your conscientiousness creates to you friends.

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