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In general:

If the dreaming sees himself in his dream in the role of a witness, possibly in an accident, then his powers of observation could be emphasised in it. He must pay attention very carefully to what happens round him. Nevertheless, the dream could also question the contact of the dreaming with authorities.


If the dreaming states as a witness, this points to the fact that he means to be called to account for his actions or convictions. Maybe he feels so long unnerved, until he is accepted by his equals.


The dreaming recognises a sort of spiritual legacy in his life which is a condition for the continuation of his spiritual way.



  • be: you must give the honour to the truth, - you are dragged onto a disagreeable thing,
  • is loaded as one in court or see: One must be believed on the fact that to us somebody wants to move in the next time to the account. It will be good to remain watchful in the next time, so that to us no disadvantage arises from it.

(European ones).:

  • as such in court be: all the same how one does it, with one of two people one will spoil it for himself, - on account of insignificant incidents one will suffer big dejection, - also: one is soon called to account, - one should remain extremely watchful,
  • appear as a witness against a guilty person: one will be got involved in an embarrassing matter,
  • other state against one: one will be made keep a fallen friends.


  • be: Annoyance and incommodities.
(See also oath)

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