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In general:

It depends on the closer circumstances in the dream whether the destruction points to bigger changes in the life of the dreaming or to a trauma which he has to himself self-inflicted. If the dreaming himself destroys something, this is called that he must control himself. If the destruction occurs through another person in the dream, the dreaming feels maybe powerless in view of the change.


The dreaming is possibly aware that he builds up emotional energy with which he can only handle if he destroys old settings and positions.


In the dream can be expressed by destruction fanaticism and anarchy (the need to destroy an old order).



  • one may not surrender, begins again.

(European ones).:

  • a very unfavorable omen of something valuable to destroy.


  • of his possession see: you will find a new luck.


(arab.). - Concentrates your forces upon a thing.

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