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Building site (construction site)


A building site symbolises with all her workers and devices existence construction, personality development and life planning. If activity rules on the building site, the private like professional prospects of success are good, - the workers make headway only slowly, are worked a little or the building site is closed down, this points to difficulties in the personal development and sends a reminder to bigger perseverance. If a scaffold collapses or another misfortune happens, the rise and personal getting on is seriously endangered. Desultory work and blind building sites warn about a disunity of the forces. To be able to interpret exactly the dream, must be also considered what is built.



  • you lets in you in big enterprises.

(European ones).:

  • see: gainful enterprise.


  • your thoughts are not to be paid with money.
(See also 'scaffold', 'construction' and under single construction equipment names)

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