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Association: - Destruction, - forcible change. Question: - Of which patterns or forms have I grown out?

In general:

The broken symbolises loss or injury. If it concerns a favorite object which has got broken, then the dreaming must change something in his life and break with the past. If the dreaming has broken an arm or a leg, this means that he is possibly stopped, from making progress or from explaining a certain action. Glass and porcelain are valid, for example, as luck symbols, other objects explain themselves by the broken objects. To break something a positive symbol can be if one has thereby found a way out from a crisis and is marked with it a new beginning.


If glass breaks in the dream, this is called, we should handle a little careful with certain people or things. If porcelain breaks, this looks already a little favorable. If the dreaming even in the dream breaks an object, this is as a tip to understand to the fact that he must step in action to sprinkle the chains or to dissolve a connection in his life.


At the spiritual level stands Break for destroyed ideals and hopes as well as for shaken trust.



  • see: one will mock you,
  • even a little bit: Is clever, otherwise you lose your luck and property.
  • objects of porcelain: a luck sign, - old person is removed, so that new can come.

(European ones).:

  • of glass and porcelain: if brings luck,
  • of wood: if distress tells in,
  • of iron: a big throw will succeed.


  • something: Frustration.
(See also glass, porcelain and vessels which can break)

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