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In general:

The sceptre embodies royal power and the highest power. If it appears in the dream, it points out at least to the fact that the dreaming has given to another person power about himself. The measure in which he has delivered responsibility makes be to intervene internal. In addition, in the symbolism the sceptre agrees with the floor (see 'floor') and is, moreover, of course a phallic symbol. Sceptre points to the striving for respect, validity, authority and power which can exist carried too far.


If the dreaming holds in his dream a sceptre in the hand, he is able to transfer vitality. If another person holds the sceptre and allows to be given the dreaming with it honour and power, then this is called that success is given to him in his special plan.


The sceptre can embody the magic wand and point out in dreams to the fact that one may use this magic strength. At the spiritual level it stands more positive, divine, male strength for the transference.


(European ones).:

  • one will come to high honour, - also: somebody tries to edge out to one of the post, care,
  • one swing: Friends will give to one the trust and one will not disappoint them in the appraisal of the abilities,
  • other about one swing: one prefers a job under supervision instead of using own energy for himself.
(See also sceptre)

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