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Association: - Focus, - quintessence. Question: - What is my most internal being core?

In general:

If a dream trades of the fact that the dreaming is in the centre possibly from a group, then this symbolises the knowledge about the ability to master a situation and to be central, besides. If the dreaming moves, nevertheless, from the centre, this is a tip to the missing balance in a subrange of his life.


The dreaming should make himself deliberate that he can hold a situation under control and from the bigger flexibility profits if he does this from the centre of the situation out. If he moves in the dream towards a centre, this is a tip to the need of the dreaming for Ganzheitlichkeit in his everyday life.


The centre stands at the spiritual level for perfection and Ganzheitlichkeit. At the same time it is a symbol for the original and holy space. Zeppelin

In general:

Zeppelin (airship) can embody as a phallic symbol sexual needs which one has vergeistigt, - they can become the spring of the creativity. Because the zeppelin moves by the air, he can mean in the dream that the sexuality hinders the intellectual abilities currently. Often he also indicates a social rise with a lot of respect or quick success.


A zeppelin floating above our head allows to admonish something depressing from the everyday life. If we travel in an airship, we are on the best way to head for a pinned up aim certainly with the help of an old Gönners or friend.



  • big dear luck.

(European ones).:

  • see one: promises a shining rise,
  • with one fly: if good progress tells in,
  • one see falling: the existence will be endangered.


  • see: you will reach to the aim, but you must show more courage.
(See also aviation, airplane)

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