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Association: - Engaged being, - organisation. Question: - Where am I ready to take lightly my life?

In general:

So that the time can play an important role in the dream, it is necessary as a rule to measure them in any manner or to look in relation to another period. For usual the dreaming knows merely that the time passes or that a certain time matters in his dream - it is, so to speak, a component of the dream scenario. The time within a dream can symbolise a certain period of life of the dreaming.
  • The day symbolises the deliberate life in the awake state. If a longer period passes by in the dream, this can stand for the activities which are not so important for the dream events.
  • The time of day (clock) is connected with certain periods of life of the dreaming. However, it can also be that merely the figures play a role (see 'figures').
  • The morning the beginning of the life and with the earliest experiences is connected.
  • The midday shows the climax of the life, and the dreaming is aware of his talents and of activities at this time completely.
  • The afternoon symbolises the life phase in which the dreaming brings his before accumulated experience of life to the application.
  • dusk can point in the dream to a phase insecurity with regard to the direction which the dreaming should smash in his life. In addition, she can indicate a transition period, as for example the death.
  • The evening is the picture for the end of climaxes in the life and for the ability to accept On and from the life and his duties more calm.
  • The night can mean temporary depression or seclusion, - The dreaming observes himself or inserts a rest.


With all times in the dream one should pay attention first to whether this time has a special meaning in the life of the dreaming. This is reasonable immediately with data, but also the everyday time may refer to the time of the rising, an engagement or meeting. With people and places in the dream one should always ask himself also of which time they remind one. Often people or also objects appear in the dream to remind the dreaming of a special time in her life. Besides, it is important to follow in which spiritual and emotional situation one lived at that time. Cover to your today's situation. Often it seems that in the dream the time stops (stagnation) or races (stress symbol). The ostensible clues of the time can be understood as a slow motion which gives you the possibility to look a little more exactly. The acceleration of the time like in the time-lapse photography marks often also a heightening of awareness. In one single dream and only surely in the dream results which apply for a longer time the different-best-behaved times, age, periods, time courses can alternate etc. easily and in no time. Do not forget, besides, please, everything what you experience in the dream, is your present which presents itself thus and not differently in your dreams. Also the past, the future and other close and distant times of which you dream attend. The time relations in the dream are a mirror of your personality. This rule can be applied on all dream symbols with which the time matters. Who says: 'I have no time', says symbolically: 'I have no personality' (at least none which would be developed for own living conditions enough). The fantastic fullness of time epochs and time levels which run partly completely passed away are in this respect a clear mirror for many epochs and levels of own personality which it is a matter to administer and to be formed. To appear too early to an engagement, can mean that one must wait only for a certain event, before one can continue his usual life. A delay points out the dreaming to an existing lack of attention for details or draws the attention of him possibly to his fear that the time runs away to him. If the dreaming looks during his dream at the clock, he must interpret this as a request to let work the time more for him.


At the spiritual level the time stands in the dream for death or drastic changes.



  • you should not work so in a hurry.
(See also clock)

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