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In general:

Drawing can embody recollection which become conscious again. Now and again a drawing also symbolises plans or announces that one is put before a perfect fact.


If we are able to do what we ourselves draw or what is shown by others, recognise, we should draw from it other conclusions. If the drawn is too indistinct, we must consider whether we have not wrong seized a thing in the everyday life which we should settle immediately.



  • see or explain: you will succeed difficult works,
  • consider: you have big plans,
  • shop: you want to build a house,
  • give: one loves you.

(European ones).:

  • look: meant an impetus of the business, distant pleasant as well as forthcoming pleasures,
  • announces
  • see: one will be put before a perfect fact,
  • receive given: you will get applications.
(See also to times)

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