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In general:

Zebra points out to the fact that black and white, property and Nastily, near luck and misfortune lie together. One should look at the things always from two sides, not be in high spirits in the luck and not despair during the misfortune against it.


The dreamer has difficulties to decide between two contradicting alternatives. Take the time to weigh all consequences carefully and you watch out to perceive everything only as a black or white.



  • see: refers to a betrayer in the circle of friends, - one should exactly consider be one in important matters to whom trust does not give and to itself from outward appearances allow to be deceptive, - also: keep an eye on your aim and have more security.

(European ones).:

  • promises that one will use your friendship, - also you will be able to collect experiences in ingratitude, - one will soon experience how near the good lies with the bad person, - differences of opinion with friends, - also: good and bad things will alternate in the next time, - annoyance and joy will be the companions,
  • wild see in the steppe: one the nonsense in the head which holds to one from more sensible.


  • you never has a firm opinion.
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