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Bridle stuff (rein)

In general:

Bridle stuff asks to control itself better or to form actively the life, then one will be also successful. The animal whom one holds in the bridle must be often interpreted in addition. If the dreaming carries bridle stuff in his dream, he is curious in the yoke, then restraint or self-control is necessary. A bridle stuff from flowers refers in a rather female kind of control.


Bridle stuff can refer to the need of concentrated attention for an aspect of the life.


Maybe occasion exists for some degree in spiritual restraint or self-control.



  • you is man in the house.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will reach what one wants, - also: stands for the engagement in an enterprise which prepares a lot of worries, in the end, nevertheless, well and gainful goes out,
  • or bridle: says that one triumphs about his friends and overcomes apparently invincible,
  • seize or steer an animal with it: in a matter one will not be able in such a way as one would like it,
  • is old it or is damaged: there announce themselves the difficulties which demand possibly in the knees
  • with a rusted Trense: one is led by an enemy behind the light, or a woman will involve to one in an intrigue.


  • see: you can consider yourself as a winner,
  • to a horse put in: you will put a stop to a game your enemies.
(See also animals and animal names, 'rein')

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