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The magician can have the meaning of archetypal male strength in the dream. He signals the nearness of a pure, big strength. In him the strength of the shamans is reflected. However, the magician is a shape with supernatural, magic forces. Hence, it can be in the dream also a reminder to the dreaming not to keep himself for overpowering and much too important. A magic goes out from him if he maintains us with his tricks in the dream. The magician tries to give again us the laughter which we had already almost forgotten in the everyday life hurrying and efforts. He reminds us maybe also of the magic of nice hours which will recur sometime once. If we ourselves play the magician, we should not be better blind to an instantaneous situation, otherwise the 'magic' could go off.



  • see or with him operate: take before swindlers in eight, - do not believe everything what you see, - also: if an unforeseen event forecasts that the life will entirely change,
  • do magic: one should smash voluntarily a new life, because one will never attain, otherwise, satisfaction.

(European ones).:

  • selfoverestimation, - expectation of a miracle solution from a compulsive situation or insecurity, - the disagreeable experience which one will gain in search of prosperity and life luck,
  • see one: one will find an easy solution on a very difficult question, - also: one will have a big family which will prepare for a discomfort, - the loss and the resolution is announced young people by engagements,
  • even a magician be: it will be possible, - to reach a little bit 'from the back',
  • magic tricks see: a mystery will be solved, - prosperity and satisfaction in the family,
  • even magic tricks point and, besides, watch other: one soon comes to a situation from which one can escape only with application of all strength.


  • see: you escape a blaze.
(See also age, archetypes, clown, witch, circus)

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