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In general:

Toothaches point to problems from which one may not allow to get down himself, - by timely action they can be soon solved.


Seldom one dreams of it if one really has which. Possibly we see ourselves with dreamt toothaches in the awake life sounded out and find out with fright that we have made a little bit wrong. Or we are sorry something that we cannot agree with our conscience. The toothaches are sometimes nothing else than lovesickness.



  • have: your sadness will soon change into joy, - also: one will insult you.

(European ones).:

  • announces painful news, will follow, however, soon joy grief,
  • have: an unexpected expenditure will tear a big hole in the cash.


  • have: let not suppress, - a being close person will hurt you.
(See also pains,' teeth')

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