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Association: - Work on own independence and power. Question: - Which part of me needs the strengthening?


Dentist often symbolises help which one expects in a difficult situation. However, he can also warn about rash action with which one does other harm.



  • see: you plan a disagreeable way.
  • go to one: you need in a situation urgently an advice.

(European ones).:

  • see in activity: means that one will find at the right time the right friend, - a friend becomes to one from a precarious situation heraushelfen,
  • are treated by him: one has occasion to doubt the sincerity of a person with which one deals,
  • the teeth of a young woman see treating: one will be soon startled by a scandal in the circle of acquaintances,


  • annoyance and frustration.
(See also 'teeth')

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