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Number (en)

In general:

If in the dream is drawn the attention to figures, they have either for the dreaming a personal meaning or are of symbolic salary. Ersteres, for example, an important date (for example, birthday, phone number or house number of a former address) which one tried to remember in the awake state in vain can occur in the dream again. Unconsciously the dreaming often keeps the meaning of a number in recollection, even if she is not consciously accessible to him any more. Number (en) can be connected with an actual event and then requires no interpretation. Now and again one dreams luck figures which are pulled for inexplicable reasons later really in a lottery, but may not count one on it. However, every number can also have her own meaning, above all the figures of from 1 to 13 which we more exactly interpret:
  • zero Nothing in which everything disappears stands for emptiness and nirvana, for the chaotic beginning and for. Specifically she can indicate longing for self-knowledge, internal peace, meditation and higher examination. Partially one interprets them also like circle or letter 'O' (see under these headwords).
  • One symbolises the indivisible which rises in all other without changing, and the foundation upon which the life is founded. One knows often in terms of individuality, spiritual independence or need how to become with itself or with all being one.
  • Two shares in contrasts like property and Nastily, light and darkness, Inside and Outside, expresses contradictoriness in own personality and requests, so that to learn to live and to search constantly the balance.
  • Three means the new one which originates from the union of two elements, - often refers to contradictory qualities or contradicting duties and inclinations. The wish for a child is also sometimes expressed in it. In general the number stands for creativity or for the whole soul life with Me, superego and It.
  • Four embodies internal balance, strength and firmness, moreover, sensuousness and natural attachment.
  • Five often symbolises the body (head, arms and legs) and his needs, then requests to better body consciousness. Traditionally one interprets them as the union of four basic elements of the medieval alchemy to new forms, so as the fullness of the individual life possibilities.
  • Six symbolises harmony and symmetry, - this often refers to the unity of body, mind and soul which one should bring with each other in harmony. Sometimes she also warns about illnesses.
  • seven can point to the influence of cosmic energy and rhythmical oscillation (biorhythms) with which one should live in harmony. Further she can stand for the physical and emotionally the mental development which one divides into seven-year steps (childhood, school hours etc.).
  • Eight contains one On and downturn, - therefore, it is interpreted as a symbol by setting and death which rise and rebirth follow. Specifically points out often to the fact that one finds out of need and worries or may not become careless in the luck.
  • Nine stands at the end of the one-digit figures, symbolises the end of a development which follows a new phase at a higher level.
  • Ten originates as a combination of zero which encloses the original chaos, and One which stands for the beginning which develops from the chaos. One should found in the further development the new plans and aims on the former experiences.
  • Eleven can be interpreted as an advancement at a higher level. Now and again she admonishes as the hour before last also which becomes it high time the action.
  • Twelve plays in the mythology since time immemorial an important role, for example, twelve signs of the zodiac in the astrology, - one interprets them as the sum of the experiences or possibilities which one must use for the further development. Moreover, she can embody ideals, wisdom, reason, hope, love and similar things which put out only the big variety of the life.
  • Thirteen is interpreted as an entirety of the life and the personality. Often one sees in it also a misfortune symbol, more seldom a luck sign.


The number symbolism is a subject which occupies the people since primeval times. The wide field is not investigated yet completely. However, one has observed astonishing connections between physical and psychic phenomena. The number symbolism decreases to Pythagoras. If figures seem in the dream expressly, a special message lies in them. With the help of the single figures and her meaning in the dream it can be probably deciphered. Figures have in all religious systems and religions a meaning. In the following the most frequent, split in three categories, are shown. Practical meaning of the figures which play a role in the everyday life in the dream:
  • One: The dreaming will train an ability which he needs for his work completely.
  • Two: Business or personal relations must be treated with circumspection.
  • Three: The image of the dreaming concerning stability and success will be realised.
  • Four: If the dreaming wants it, he can create a sure and protected home.
  • Five: The dreaming is just making an important discovery which provides for changes.
  • Six: It is open to the dreaming to enter a love relationship.
  • seven: With personal application the dreaming is able to solve his problems.
  • Eight: The life of the dreaming rescues the potential for a wonderful chance.
  • Nine: The dreaming must mind that he does not overdo it.
  • zero: This figure rescues potential for everything.

by figures of symbolised qualities:

  • One: Independence, selfrespect, resolution, determination. Intolerance, imagination, narrow-mindedness, degradation, stupidity.
  • Two: Calmness, sincerity, unselfishness, sociability, harmony. Indecision, indifference, irresponsibility, stubbornness.
  • Three: Freedom, bravery, fun, enthusiasm, grandeur. Listlessness, carried too far assurance, impatience, negligence.
  • Four: Loyalty, perseverance, practical disposition, honesty. Clumsiness, slowness, Konservativismus, lacking adaptability.
  • Five: Adventurousness, liveliness, courage, health, susceptibility, sympathy. Thoughtlessness, irresponsibility, inconstancy, unreliability, thoughtlessness.
  • Six: Idealism, unselfishness, honesty, charity, loyalty, responsibility, superiority, good nature. Impractical disposition, submission.
  • seven: Wisdom, critical judgment property, philosophical inclination, internal strength, depth, thoughtfulness. Unnaturalness, excessive criticism, missing action, antisocial behaviour.
  • Eight: Practical disposition, power, legal capacity, decision, control, durability. Lacking imagination, bluntness, selffrugality, dominance.
  • Nine: Intelligence, discretion, technical skill, understanding, grandeur, morality, genius. Verträumtheit, lethargy, concentration lack, aimlessness.

spiritual meaning:

  • One: One himself, the beginning, the first, unity.
  • Two: Dualität, indecision, balance, manly and female, two sides of a discussion.
  • Three: The triangle, freedom.
  • Four: The square, strength, stability, practical disposition, the earth, reality, four sides of the person (sensory perception, feeling, thinking, intuition), earth, air, fire and water.
  • Five: The human body, human body consciousness, five senses.
  • Six: Harmony and balance.
  • seven: Life cycle, magic, spirituality, the Ganzheitlichkeit of the person.
  • Eight: Death and resurrection, infinity.
  • Nine: Pregnancy, the end one and the beginning of a new cycle, spiritual consciousness.
  • Ten: A new beginning, the male and the female together.
  • Eleven: The eleventh hour, the master number.
  • Twelve: Time, a concluded cycle, Ganzheitlichkeit.
  • zero: The female, the unconscious, the absolute or concealed completeness.


At the spiritual level the dreaming brings himself by developing progress in a position in which he can use the oscillations of the figures best of all. One has always supposed that one can exert influence on the environment of the dreaming, while one combines figures in quite a certain manner.



  • see: you will have to do with your income a lot, - also: announce under circumstances profit and success, - (All figures seen in the dream should be put in the lottery, above all if they appear several times.)
  • infinite figure rows see: if Li> indicates at financial loss,
  • read: you get a big calculation, -
  • write: your calculations will not rise, - debts make, - also: good chances to earn money soon have, -
  • add: a happy profit stands in view.

(European ones).:

  • indicate at a profit in the lottery if one has noticed the number to himself, - stands for unfinished business things which cause discontent and brainwork, -
  • a figure: if society registers, -
  • two figures: Frustration, -
  • three figures: good shops, -
  • four figures: Division, -
  • five or more: Disappointments, -
  • mehrstellige figures: if mean big mental problems and mistakes, - one will arise from an important business as a loser if one is not careful at negotiations and talks, -
  • of a board wipe off: Losses by carelessness.


  • see: you are carried in your occupation, -
  • write: do not give up hope.
(If you notice to you the figures, it tries to play in the lottery, they bring luck.) (See the also figures of One to Thirteen, age)

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