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Association: - half a person, - half an animal, - Sagenumwoben. Question: - Which part of itself creeps up to me?

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Key words: Colossally, - extraterrestrial, - greater than the life, - protector of the earth. Description: The yeti, a colossal being, is known with some people oriented to trunk in the world, above all with those who settle in the mountains. Called from the Indians to Sasquatch and the Tibetans Yeti, is the oversized creature which comes by own will and goes, also under the name Great foot or hideous Snowman familiar. Some people close to the earth think that the yeti lives underground, other mine, he would be connected with the extraterrestrial, again others are persuaded of the fact that it concerns with the yeti a mind who is sometimes able to manifest himself in a form. General meaning: A part of your nature which disappears by own will and appears again, - a part of itself which seems to you strange, - parts of you which are greater than the life, - parts of you which feel in such a way as if they came from another world. Association: The Himalayas, - Tibet. Transcendent meaning: Often really a message from other empires, - a gift of wisdom which is either very old or really comes from another creation empire.

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