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Association: - Decomposition, - insignificance. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to assert myself?

In general:

In his elementary meaning the worm can stand for the penis. Depending on the gender of the dreaming and from his setting to the sexuality, the worm can be felt as menacing. Worm stands for sexual and other desires which one himself rejects as 'low' and suppresses. In the other sense he can symbolise the past from which new originates often as fertilizer.


The invertebrate Kriechtier which we see in the vision can point to our helplessness in a certain case in the awake life, - then then we are a helpless worm. Or the worm eats up something in the dream what could point to the 'conscience worm' who gnaws at us. Maybe even something 'riles' us if worms step in the caricature of the night. The worm can express as a vision also feelings of the inefficiency and insignificance (covered to the dreaming or other people). If the worm is bigger than a person, this concludes by feeling of inferiority. If particularly the small heap catches the eye of the dreaming, this originates if an earthworm eats earth and retires again, he deals with a conversion picture. It shows him that he can change his life and make something more fertile from it. It can be, that the dream consciousness with this picture at the sexual wishes at which the dreaming looks immorally and points out his feelings of guilt. For the interpretation of this symbol the whole dream is to be considered.


To be handed over to the worms, a metaphor is for the death. The dreaming should be believed on the fact that at the spiritual level, perhaps, shortly changes will enter.


A kyklischer flutist dreamt, his soles are eaten away by worms. He gave a receipt for his occupation, heard on to play and to take part in competitions, and his feet will eat away so weakly as if they were really from worms, so that he could not fill his place on the stage any more.



  • Dreaming one, he eats worms, he will get rental inhabitants without citizenship and draw monetary pensions of them.
  • Seeming it the emperor, his belly has filled with worms, he will bring together a floppy army, to people who are not worth it maintenance pay and thereby exhaust his Kronschatz, - a pauper will improve his situation, but win unconscious Gönner. If somebody eliminates worms by the anus, he will be released from worries and from tiresome people whom he had of no avail with himself, and all his torture create from the neck. A pauper will lose his Gönner, put a woman an illegitimate child in the world and bring up. If one dreams, he removes worms from wounds, he becomes richer though, but become stingier.
  • see: hideous things experience, - you will expose yourself by carelessness of an inconvenience, - also: stands according to the number for the same number of friends who become more unpleasant gradual, - menace by a disagreeable opponent, - one should watch out for dishonest people and trust by own decisions rather in his own intuition, - one must escape from an incriminating problem,
  • see one: indicates at nothing good, at destruction of your plans, - Li> warns about new acquaintances,
  • see an earthworm: an insignificant action yields to you profit,
  • see in dishes: you have a bad enemy, - also: is careful, the thing is deceitful,
  • kill: you will be released from an evil, - also: you create order at your home.

(European ones).:

  • unambiguously, - cannot always be also to be understood erotic sexüll, - with wormeaten fruit the sense is clear, - come by low intrigues of bad enemies to damage, - danger of contagious illnesses,
  • see: somebody will hurt deliberate or accidental, - a friend or friend becomes more disagreeable day by day, possibly somebody undermines your position, - also: a strange foreboding torments to one, however, one 'still digs in get dark', - also: It would be an advantage to think over his business plans once again,
  • look to the fishing: if profit and success,
  • promises
  • use as a fish bait: if calls the ability to use minded forces to own welfare,
  • hostilely
  • see tapeworm or even have: bad views exist for the health and joy of life,
  • Seeing a young woman Gewürm about themselves creep, she will incline to a money match. If she can shake off the animals, she will escape from the material lethargy and lead a good and sensible life.


  • Dreaming one, his belly has filled with worms who gorge in it, an amount of strangers will come to his house and can be stood so long, until they fall to him tiresomely, - the emperor will muster new troops after this face and pay well, a woman go whoring and become pregnant. If somebody looks as his whole body is completely from greedy worms, he will grant involuntarily to other people maintenance, - a pauper will come into money according to the amount of the worms.
  • see: you can hope for good assistance,
  • have: pay attention to your health,
  • wormeaten wood (piece of furniture): by confidential hostility you will suffer damages.
(See also fertilizer, earth,