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In general:

In the dream with cubes indicates to play to play with the destiny or to perceive opportunities in the life which should be roofed before absolutely more carefully. Cube should announce after old dream books Future luck.


The cube has a square form and, therefore, is, like the square how to understand entirety symbol. The number Four which for the form of the square a role plays, verbildlicht the female strength in the man which he is not often aware. The cube is a spatially enlarged square. Thus the qualities of the square are also expanded in the cube and even more dynamically, because he also deals with the play, with the insecurity as the cube (destiny) will fall. In this case it is important which number was thrown. If another person than the dreaming throws dice in the dream, he lays his destiny in the hands of other people and is made that's why straighten his life to their default.


A cube symbolises a special chance, to be of use can be irrevocable spiritually.


The craps means quarrel and quarrel around with somebody money have, - then the cubes mark everywhere figures and those with which dice players throw, to hot stones. (Untranslateable wordplay with the different meanings from psephos, - the word means, actually, little stone, because because one used this to the count and calculation, money. Further it calls the shining stone in the ring to which again the pupil is compared in the eye.) However, the profits always bring luck. If a sick person dreams, he plays with stones or he sees another playing, this is a bad portent, particularly if he himself loses because the loser is in arrears always with a less number of eyes. Cube for itself alone looking, Zwistigkeiten and Feindschaften prophesy, - they get lost, they remove the instantaneous disagreements, they increase, they aggravate the same. A child with cubes, ankles or stones see playing meant nothing bad, - then it is a child kind to play always. Against it it indicates an adult man or a woman evil if they play in the dream with ankles, except, it has somebody this dream face which hopes to be heir to another, - then the ankles are usual beinern. So they prophesy to all other people dangers.



  • see or throw: the luck will show you his mood, - also: by a wrong, clumsy tactics have to suffer financial damage,
  • see throwing dice: you will be envious of the luck more different,
  • see throwing himself or others: one is careless and risks big losses, - also: one will get quarrel,
  • in the hand: you have the sky on earth,
  • play with it: you have grief and worries,
  • drop: your decision is good and right.

(European ones).:

  • announces bad advice and indicates uncontinuance in the commercial life, hostility as well as tiff, - in such situations it is advantageous to act with consideration completely at its own discretion, - also: The decision which one has made cannot be cancelled any more. One must carry the consequences.
  • take part in a craps: if is a sure sign of a fate turn.


  • see: stay away the bad society, - you live in strictly regular relations,
  • have: you will still make your luck,
  • play with it: bad time, price increase,
  • win with it: Hostility, disputes.
(See also square, figures and the concerning number)

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