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Desirable fulfilment


Even still completely Ergeizlose have her expectations, hopes and wishes. Even if they have learnt to kerbs them because they know that they are unattainable, it changes nothing in the fact that they further exist deeply covertly inside. Together with less significant wishes they come true in the dreams. The most frequent dreams are generally outflows of our deliberate or unaware wishes. If one feels tired and tired, one dreams of a sunny Mediterranean beach or a quiet lagoon. If one takes care just of a person of the other gender, one probably has successful dreams. If one is aware of all transitoriness very much, one easily dreams of own youth and adolescence, or one wishes even back in the baby cradle and in the nappies. If one has financial worries, the dream compensates one by pictures of the luxury in the midst of the mountains of bank notes. But the bank note mountain must not have directly relation to the presently financial worries. He can also stand for sensuous or emotional privations. Differently expressed, no matter how much every dream direct wishes can project, so much his pictures also are able equivocal or ambiguously and (not at all seldom!) be disguised 'in disguise'/. (See also wish)

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