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Association: - sore point, - place of the torture. Question: - Which injury may heal now?

In general:

Every wound or injury of which one dreams stands for injured feelings. If the dreaming himself is the cause of the wound, this of his aggression and his mistrust testifies. If the wound is added to him, it is maybe the victim or comes along in addition.


Wounds or injuries are pictures for the painful experiences or experiences of the dreaming in the dream. If the wound is protected in the dream by an association or already scarred, is reflected in it the wish of the dreaming to forget suffered disappointments and to overcome. The wound in the dream does not hurt, it is only one simile for the fact that our soul household has got in mess that we would have to change our life rhythm to overcome a mental plight. With the interpretation of the dream the kind of the wound plays a role. While a big, ugly wound points to stronger power, one associates with a small wound rather a specific attack.
  • burn: Burns come about in the dream often by the passion.
  • cut: Cuts come about in the dream often by own aggressions or more different.
  • graze: Grazes are frequent in the dream injuries which are generated by a certain superficiality.


A wound symbolises - disagreeable - experience of the dreaming which he take note and from which he should learn.


If a wound appears in any body part, one lays out there, as if the concerning body part itself is ill. A wound in the breast or in the heart announces grief young people both kinds of gender dear passion, older against it. A wound in the right hand, namely in the internal palm, indicates an advance and dejection about a debt letter. A scar calls the end of every worry.



  • Losing one as a result of an injury blood, he will gain success about his enemies who are connected with expenditures,
  • have a very bleeding one: one will be injured in immediate future by a being close person emotionally,
  • have, in general: a heartbreak does not want to stop,
  • see: you should give to your next help,
  • connect: one will overcome a crisis with the help of a friend,
  • heal: you will feel a lot of love,
  • purulent have in his body: in Siechtum go to ruin,
  • cured (healed): indicate at recovery,
  • add: it is given you nothing, also no bad action.


  • Being you yourselves in the dream wounds, you run the risk to lose yourselves in your life speed. Their claims cannot be anyway satisfied so fast and so thoroughly as you wish it, probably you are also attached too high. First you must learn, to be more patient, and to be content if necessary also, otherwise hard times approach you. To see one or several wounds in the body of another, is called that your call is endangered. One or several people from your circle of acquaintances badly speak of you.

(European ones).:

  • something presses after conversion or clarification,
  • be wounded: if mean pains and an unfavorable business turn,
  • others wounded see: it is added to a wrong by friends,
  • in the head: announce an injury,
  • in neck or shoulders: is evil-announcing,
  • on the breast: bring discord,
  • have: you will have incommodities,
  • see: you will retain integrity on time before losses,
  • supply: one will be able to congratulate himself on a successful future,
  • heal: you will give a conscience advice,
  • add somebody: you can be got into debt an injustice,
  • sore places: if losses promise by illness suffer and in mental need get,
  • sore places treat: one will subordinate wishes and hopes to the pleasure more different.


  • Dreaming one, he has been wounded by a friend by a stab, he will find out good from him if from a stranger, peace with an enemy closes.
  • Curing he the wound, he will boast before the people.
  • have: also for you there comes a golden time.
(See also blood,' ulcer ',' scar ',' oil ',' soldier ',' injury ',' weapons ',' wound fever')

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