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Wreck (ship wreck)

In general:

A dream of a wreck, this is a scrap vehicle or ship wreck, points out the dreaming to the fact that his plans crosses become. He must find out whether the responsibility for the failure lies with himself or with another person. Wreck is often understood in terms of ruin, - generally it warns about a failure in the life. The dreaming had to go, and at the same time by the happened frustrated, further fight through to achieve his aimed aim.


A wreck of every kind symbolises a defeat at the spiritual level. Whether car or ship - wrecks stand in the dream exclusively for theirs (unadmitted?) existential fear and for your doubts not to create a little bit completely important maybe, nevertheless. And if, then only with big risk. Maybe you have totally overdone it (physically or financially) and fear to stand there one day 'as a wreck'. A dream symbol which requests for thinking over of your charges and chances. Exception: If you recognised in the wreck quite unambiguously your own car, it cannot damage to follow this as an accident warning.



  • Your forces are used, you must recover. also: a big plan will fail and pays attention to cliffs in the running enterprises.

(European ones).:

  • see swim or lying on the shore: announces disappointments in the love as well as bad luck, - the failure of a plan tells in, - one is tormented by fears of poverty or sudden bankruptcy.


  • see: is without worry, God will help,
  • see floating: Struggles for existence of the heaviest kind approach you.
(See also car, ruin, ship, wreck)

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