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In general:

If the dreaming hears a word in the dream several times, either his sound or his meaning can be vital. One interprets word in general like letter or name, - mostly it contains a message from the unconscious which one can hear in particular cases clearly or read.


The dream words are enormously important because it can concern very important symbols. If we do not get a chance to speak in the dream, we should try in the awake life to find the right word in a certain matter. If somebody interrupts us, we maybe do not have to say enough or cannot express ourselves properly. Certain words have an esoteric meaning, as for example the Hebrew JHVH (Jahwe). Such words seem rather in the dream than in the normal everyday life. In the sleep the person is opener compared with such information.


Words can possess a very own spiritual power.


(European ones).:

  • real warning dream, according to the words which one remembers, - to evaluate only in general with unclear words,
  • see and read: if the meaning of a warning has, - besides, it depends very much on the sense of the words to recognise the right meaning.

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