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In general:

How wool is to be interpreted, depends on whether the fur of the lamb or sheep or whether the Wollknäuel is meant. The lambswool can stand for blurred thoughts and feelings. The dreaming has still created no right order in his thinking. Want symbolised in general a meek, soft mind which longs for human warmth and tenderness. If one works with it, it is understood in terms of cords. After Old-Indian dream interpretation the colours of the wool are also interpreted as follows:
  • white wool warns about too much trustfulness.
  • black wool asks not to look after defamation because the originators will turn out to be themselves.
  • green wool promises a happy idiom in a mißlichen matter.
  • red wool should register that one has no luck with women.
  • Who makes a garment out of wool, can be glad about a profit which is given him by own work.


Want warms, she promotes the blood circulation, and from there the interpretation is to be understood, wool symbolises the heart warmth which will stream on the dreamer in the everyday life. While wool means warmth and protection since primeval times, it is associated in the modern dream interpretation above all with motherly gentleness.


Want a symbol is for spiritual protection.


Want on the head to have, protracted illnesses and consumption announce because it often carries something woollen on the head for that, finally, in such a way it seems as if the same has grown to him.



  • Acquiring of a wool of the Schafschur, he will dispose of good and firm income of powerful figures because sheep have horns.
  • shop: it are on the road to the prosperity, - a profit,
  • spin: your property grows by your hands work,
  • roll up: one speaks of you,
  • process: you lead a good house order,
  • comb: laborious work with reluctant people, - also: you must have patience,
  • knit: you are expected in love,
  • wash: you fix an important thing,
  • sell: good business.

(European ones).:

  • indicates good shops and luck by own energy and brings property in the house, - a good sign is for good opportunities to develop his interests further,
  • worry: if prosperity promises at diligent work and thrift,
  • dirty wool: one will search an employment with people who reject your principles.


  • process: you will come to a nice society,
  • white ones: your trust to the people is too big,
  • black ones: let the slanderers talk, also she meets the well-earned punishment,
  • red ones: no luck with the women,
  • greens: everything will still turn to the good.
(See also clothes, wreath, sheep, to cords)

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