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  • in one be: a misfortune will do you to the desperation,
  • see: remain quiet and sensible, the danger passes, - also: Bad luck and disappointment are to be expected.

(European ones).:

  • tells a grief being in, - by unforeseen and a disappointment 'one falls from all clouds'.


  • heavy dangers pass and pleasant relations enter.
Skyscraper Association: - Striving for higher, - worldly aims. Question: - What would like I to reach? How high is I to be climbed ready?

In general:

Skyscraper mostly warns about arrogance, pride or pompous plans, - one will thereby get easily in difficulties.


If a woman dreams of a skyscraper without window, this registers that she finds no humanely mental contact to her respect partner. A skyscraper symbolises the mental frustration. The building in himself the pure sexual satisfaction.


(European ones).:

  • see: it is provided for the fact that the trees do not grow in the sky what one will soon experience in a person of his surroundings,
  • live in one: one lives in the wrong house, this anonymous isolation does not agree.


  • see: is not so haughty.

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