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Association: - Instinct, - Fre▀lust, - Bedrohlichkeit, - loyalty. Question: - Which instincts are a menace for me? For whom or does what my instinctive loyalty be valid?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Affectionately, - powerfully, - smartly, - evasively, - protecting, - discerning, - compassionately, - loyalty, - loyalty, - perseverance, - care, - road finder, - love, - southern soul path. Description: The wolf is associated in the medicine wheel with the internal position of the southern soul path and the love. Wolves are very social animals who live in herds with festival-added traditions and borders. Wolves search partners or female partners for life for themselves as a rule. For a long time the wolf is a firm component of the human imagination where he appears as the lonesome wolf or as a symbol for the wildness and the wild shares of the person. Wolves were spread once about the whole world, then stood shortly before the eradication and now return slowly. Close to the earth trunks had big respect for wolves because own this one so distinctive sense of family and hunt only old and ill members of a kind. General meaning: Your respect with your family and community, - the affectionate side of your nature, - your feelings to intimacy. Association: An aggressive man who pursues his aims pertinaciously and at the expenses of more different, - werewolf, - a name. Transcendent meaning: A protective animal who can teach something about love and family you. Wolf clan apprenticeship: To parts, - clan animal in the November.

In general:

Wolf symbolises aggressive desires, instincts and desires, - they can become the danger if one does not control them better. In general he is understood as a tip to an external danger or a hostile person.


The wolf is in natura a very dangerous animal. In the dream he appears as a token for recklessness, aggressiveness and Triebhaftigkeit. The wolf in the dream points to the uncurbable in us, on the second I with which we lie in the constant fight, on the tension state of the soul. Dreams of wolves should arrange us to come with ourselves to the pure one. Personified this animal could be a man who only uses us if we do not make him to ourselves the enemy. To Artemidoros one adjusts us if we see wolves in the dream, - but the Greek dream researcher wiegelte immediately again from: One can recognise this danger easily and protect himself therefore from her.


The wolf means the year because of his name, - the writers call because because of a characteristic of these animals the year Lykabas. Since these are in habit to swim through always in strict order, one behind the other, a river, just as the seasons form the year in her succession. The wolf also calls a violent, robber's broads, roguish and open attacking enemy. (Artemidor leads the word lykabas (= year) like other authors from lykos (= Wolf) and bainein (= come away).)



  • The wolf means an acquisitive and insatiable prince. If somebody fights with a wolf, he will have with that quarrel, - he kills the animal and is the dreaming a powerful figure, he will destroy such opponent.
  • Having, however, the wolf him packed or bitten, will have to suffer he power and torment from an unfair and acquisitive enemy.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he owns sheep and a wolf pounces on them, an enemy will attack his people and spoil it, provided that the wolf has torn many sheep.
  • Seeming it him, he rushes dogs on the wolves, he will attack with the help of foreign war people his enemy and destroy him according to the success of the pack.
  • he will get
  • Bringing one to the emperor a caught wolf, such an enemy as prisoners delivered.
  • see general: one should watch out for differences with an important personality in the commercial life, because he will thereby take only damage,
  • or wolves in the herd see: are influenced by bad, acquisitive people, - one deals it with underhand friends who prepare for an attack on his person,
  • see in big herds: you have more enemies than friends,
  • hear howling: a warning before the coming danger, - your enemies will bring you to case,
  • chase away: you have got only one reprieve,
  • shoot: you can get rid of your opponents.

(European ones).:

  • with the internal desires is a heavy fight going, - have a thieving employee who also lets out trade secrets, - hostility,
  • hear the howling: one will get onto a conspiracy,
  • see one: is valid for wrong, deceitful friends, - a friend one should not come along to the enemy, because he would be a very disagreeable opponent,
  • see tearing a lamb: Innocent ones must endure the suggestivenesses of wilful contemporaries,
  • are pursued by one: if means danger,
  • pursue themselves one: one will overcome dangers,
  • are attacked by one: one gets from a friend in a thing difficulties prepared,
  • with one fight: you own in the love a rival,
  • with one fight and win: the rival will withdraw,
  • is the wolf stronger in the fight than one himself, the rival will be stubborn,
  • can kill one: one will switch off the underhand opponents who want to disgrace to one.


  • see: you are in danger, - you will have to suffer heavy rage,
  • are pursued by him: one is not reflected to you well, - you have a mortal enemy,
  • hear howling: you should not hear on the Klatscherei of the neighbours, - you are pressed by all sides,
  • defeat: you will overcome your enemies.
(See also predator, animals)

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