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In general:

Strong, often crude being embodies itself in the landlord, above all in the landlady who is often like a big earth-like Allmutter. They both are the donators of the natural life food, and we sit internally at the table of an easy and strong life. The landlord and landlady stand as a simile for healthy and nourishing forces, and, nevertheless, is also around them as shapes of the unconscious often something uncanny, demoniacal. The fairy tales tell about the forest pub which stands also in the wood of our unconscious and can have with the dark powers a dangerous connection. Since the unconscious has gentle like a wild character.


The healthy, nourishing forces which can entice us, however, also to gluttony and uncivilized conduct. Landlord (in) expresses the need for lighthearted happy sociability and change. In particular cases it also admonishes not to be too superficial and careless.



  • see landlord: treat the people after her educational level, then you get by best of all with them,
  • see landlady: Flattery and jealousy,
  • speak: warns against spending more money on his lifestyle than the income admits,
  • be: You get uninvited guests in the house. At.

(European ones).:

  • symbol of an original unconsciousness,
  • see: if good information promises, - you will find out news, - one will find with a friend support in a plan,
  • one speak: one spends more money than own account can take,
  • be: you will come by flatterers to debts,
  • landlady: warns about jealousy.


  • lead economy: you will well make a living.
(See also inn)

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