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Whirlwind (jacuzzi)

In general:

Both is associated with the whirlpool which stands for the life and for natural energy. Contradicting energy normally expresses themselves in both visions. They call to the dreaming the strength in the consciousness which is inherent in him. While the whirlwind symbolises mental power, the jacuzzi stands rather for emotional energy.


In the head the dreaming maybe knows that he has his life in the hand. However, it seems to him in such a way as if he is caught in an endless circle by activities. Though this seems unproductive, nevertheless, rescues an immense energy.


A whirlwind of the creativity comes up literally to the dreaming. He must be carry away by him to be able to derive the full benefit from it.



  • Being patiently, leaves the bad days about you to way there showers, behind it already there laughs the sun of the luck.


  • you will be revealed to an unfavorable destiny.
(See also cyclone)

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