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Association: - devastating emotions. Question: - Which overpowering feelings is I to be lived through ready?

In general:

The appearance of a cyclone in the dream symbolises an immense energy disposed however. Besides, often it concerns strong feelings and emotions against which the dreaming feels powerless. The cyclone symbolises the energy which is directed against itself and looks destructive, hence.


Although the cyclone seems to be above all destructive in the dream at first sight, he can also have a very cleaning effect and be for the dreaming of suitable meaning. He gets out of the way everything what gets in the way of him, and provides therefore for a clear new beginning.


The former offence of the dreaming in the spirituality demonstrates him maybe powerless and all elements delivered. Rest and peace still rules in the centre of the cyclone.


(European ones).:

  • see: an unfavorable sign, on business as well as for the domestic life, - one is very careful in his actions, - care before dangerous news,
  • are in one: one is confronted with a change which threatens to overpower to one with grief and evil,
  • Being a young woman in a whirlwind caught and has to prevent difficulties that her rock blows out and wraps itself around her waist, she will continue a secret flirtation and horrifies about the fact be that her name is involved in a scandal. She risks disgrace and proscription.

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