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Wave is understood in general in terms of signal. If one waves with the resignation this mostly promises that a separation will be not for good.



  • Having he to an unknown old man waved and this understood the sign, the destiny of the dreaming will turn to the better, he knows the old person, the dream will come true for the friend. If somebody waves to a smart woman and states this her affection, he will be made happy about the harvests of his fields, he has none, scoop from his trade joy and profit.
  • a good friend leaves you.

(European ones).:

  • perform a good action,
  • it somebody waves to you: warns against maintaining the smashed direction and sends a reminder to the return,
  • on parting: if a reunion,
  • promises
  • to the welcome: tells a resignation in,
  • around to himself to draw the attention: on a smashed way one should not go on.


  • you will go on a trip,
  • see: you will have to separate from dear people.

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