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Association: - Suggestion, - sensory Überreizung. Question: - Where in my life I look for suggestion? Where do I feel overtaxed?

In general:

As a vision wind symbolises the intellect. The interpretation of the dream depends above all on the strength of the wind. Thus a gentle breeze suggests ease and pleasure. An image or a plan stimulate the dreaming to the activity. A storm could stand again for a principle for which the dreaming enters passionately, while a north wind stands maybe for the menace of his security. Wind embodies spiritual-mental forces which influence - partly unconsciously - the life. If he comes from the back, the quick progress promises, from the front he indicates obstacles.


The wind was valid with many people as a breath of the earth. In him the work was seen by higher forces. The wind often changes rather fast his direction and strength. As a dream symbol he stands for the unstableness and fleetingness. Also in the dream the wind is a natural phenomenon. Calm is a sign of strong energy. But also if the wind rises, this points to strong spiritual energy. If a storm raves, however, in the dream off, this one tip to power can be. The dream wind brings mostly fresh wind in our personal matters and relations. He drives our life ship, is the spiritual engine which moves us to the action which releases, in addition, energy, so that we can soon achieve a put aim, - this is even lighter if it concerns tail wind. Quietly murmuring wind lets us reach in a quieter waterway. At the psychological level the wind announces a new, deeper consciousness. In the Bible the holy mind announces himself as a roaring, violent storm, - also strong wind can also stand in the dream for a revelation.


The wind symbolises the power of the mind and the movement of the life in the dream.



  • steps out one, with a strong wind in the back, actively, he will find any time with the authority support, goodwill and support. If the wind blows to him, however, in the face and hinders him in the walking, the opposite will arrive.
  • hindering
  • Becoming of the emperors on the way from a wind in the progress, a message from a distant country will disturb him, he is supported by the wind, fulfil with joy.
  • to dream, it blows an adverse wind which damages to the field products, prophesies to the region where the wind blows, plague and illness, - is so violent the wind that he uproots trees or tears away houses, the emperor or governor will spread to such an extent fright and threat as the storm has arranged devastations.
  • Seeming it one, all hoist would have rose and the people are chicken-hearted, an earthquake will enter at the selbigen place, and become the governor feebly and powerless.
  • a cold and sharp wind blows
  • Blowing in winter a warm wind, one interprets this as heralds of rich crops of the country, however, in winter, one closes on the opposite. Accordingly it will bring to the country blessing if in summer a chill wind blows, if not, damage.
  • a violent wind blows from a direction
  • Dreaming of the emperors, it, he has of the people which lives in this direction to expect bad person or good, depending on the wind is favorable or unfavorable.
  • hear: you must listen to pointless speeches,
  • feel: now it goes forward with you, you have new energy,
  • hear whizzing or against it begin: disagreeable things will touch you,
  • are done by him: one will easily make progress in the life.

(European ones).:

  • spiritual energy discharge, - promises generally: good news,
  • the hoist are interpreted in the direction, where from they blow,
  • more oncoming: Li> brings inhibitions of some kind,
  • forthcoming worries, -
  • tail wind: Success of the enterprises, - good progress,
  • see fluttering a little bit in it: tells news in,
  • a gentle, sad wind: one will get by a bereavement a big property,
  • a gentle, light breeze: says that one a property sacrifice for the object of his desire and the advertising bumps into affection,
  • a violent gust of wind: if disappointing shops,
  • announce
  • hear whistling the wind: become estranged from a person whose life is meaningless without you,
  • quickly by a fresh wind against: one will resist temptations courageously and pursue the luck with big determination,
  • the wind to one blows
  • against his wish forward: if professional misses and disappointments promise in the love,
  • in the desired direction blowing: one will find unexpected and helpful allies or have a natural advantage towards a rival or competitors,
  • Dreaming a young woman of the fact that whispering the west hoist she saddens will have them a worried time by the enforced absence of her lover.


  • Dreaming somebody, a strong wind raises him and carries him from place to place, he will undertake a voyage and attain so much power as the wind to him was favorable and conducive.
  • Becoming one of the wind with dust covers, without his eyes suffered from it, he will agree what he wishes, - however, the dust diminishes his vision, he will have worry and fear of the authority, also his faith will become weak in such a way as his eyes darkened.
  • Dreaming one, it blows general or a local wind, the emperor will spread fright.
  • the wind trees snaps
  • , distinguished to the rage of the emperor will fall to the victim according to the number of the glum trees, - the wind covers houses, princes will perish. In the same manner evil and devastation follows every fall and case.
  • the cold which the wind with itself brings means poverty and seizure of having and property, because by poverty one suffers cold, - also a glow-hot wind indicates oppression.
  • Dreaming one, it blows in the time where everything blossoms, a strong wind which does not snap, nevertheless, trees prophesies he blessing of the earth because the wind also comes to assistance to the growing plants.
  • hear: do not pay attention to the empty promises.
  • hear: do not pay attention to the empty promises.
(See also power, hurricane, storm)

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