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Wild American ginseng

medicine wheel:

Key words: Fluorescent, - almost extinct, - overtaxed, - tasty, - curative, - preventive, - regenerating, - reassuringly, - enlightenment, - eastern soul path. Description: Wild American ginseng is associated in the medicine wheel with the internal position of the eastern soul path and the enlightenment. The plant can reach a height from up to six metres and become fifty years old. However, today it is to be pushed with difficulties linkedly generally still into wild American ginseng because he fell victim as a component of natural remedies of the profit avarice of unprincipled people who nearly exterminated him. In the darkness ginseng is slightly fluorescent. The roots of the plant are spice as well as remedy. She was always valid as one of the tastiest and remedial-strongest wild plants. Wild American ginseng has become very rare and should be never picked or be dug out. Should you one day meet him somewhere, speak a prayer for his continuation and leave alone him. Meanwhile there is farmer, the wild American ginseng on small base grow. If she and the plant supports, while you always ask for the spring of the plant which you buy. General meaning: A deeply curative side of your being, - where you need strong healing power, - an aspect of itself which could disappear if he is not investigated, - a part of itself which can regenerate itself. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A revelation of your internal light. In the funereal time ginseng can illuminate your way by every darkness through.

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