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Association: - Work on the respect with the nature. Question: - What do I feed in myself?


Farmer can stand as a symbol for natural attachment and security, firmly founded on the ground of the facts. If the dreaming really lives in the country, the dream mostly has a concrete relation to his sphere. If he lives against it in a city, the dream wants to advance him closer to the nature again. The farmer sows, plants, ploughs, mows, breeds, however, holds also benefit animals and sells them to the battle. This farmer's dream can refer to the worthwhile and positive side of the farm life, indeed, also on his less convenient sides. One clears to all only which aspect predominated in the dream. It could be that one just the yield of long and hard work 'mow' / harvest or the sowing for the future proposes. Has one driven in the dream an agricultural vehicle? For whom in the right life did it stand? Maybe for a powerful figure and tallness about whom one knows that one must assert himself against him?a If one was the farmer who looks above his fields, the satisfaction with the life can express. It is a positive dream. Who sees himself as a farmer at the work, will probably realise his aims and by hard work good success (above all in the occupation) can gain and he is in the harmony with his own nature (personality). Merely an ill, old, hardly working farmer to whom one sees in the dream indicates strong life problems and difficulties.



  • he symbolises the nature, the easy life and the old strength, - every positive setting to him protects the future tarpaulins,
  • see general: You will come slowly indeed to property and luck. A quick luck expects you.
  • young see at the work: if promises a contented life,
  • see an old one: watch out for coarse and underhand people, - a lot of drudgery can bring,
  • an old one see working: you will be put out big physical strains to make your bread, - one will have to work hard and diligently to reach the peace of the age. Farm work do: It is given you nothing. If you do not attack yourself everything, you can expect no success.

(European ones).:

  • longing for nature and an easy life, - indicates earth attachment with the life and his natural rhythms,
  • in activity: glad future,
  • meet a young one: Luck and success in professional or private interests,
  • young see at the work: if promises a contented life,
  • meet an old one: Obstacles and difficulties in the progress,
  • old see at the work: indicates a lot of efforts, - one will have to work very hard and patiently to reach the peace of the age,
  • see themselves as one: good progress on clean base,
  • farmer means: Luck in every situation,
  • are cheated by him: you must suffer mockery,
  • act with him: long life,
  • with him speak: you are condescending,
  • with him go: an unexpected inheritance.
(See also field, husbandmen, 'farmer', 'reaping', 'field', 'garden', 'stable')

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