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Repetitions seem in the dream as a compulsive behaviour or as constantly returning dream symbols. Sigmund Freud called the repetitions which make us unhappy neurosis. If the same behaviour patterns, the same situations or the same dream symbols appear in a dream or in dream series over and over again, the dream would like to say one that one should give up his compulsive repetitions in the everyday life. The dream would like to create with this information with you a consciousness for your repetitions. If this consciousness is given, one can file the repetitions also - at least in the long run-. If one dreams the same in short time intervals over and over again, it means always also the same thing. However, one has given enough attention to the matter not. Lying, however, bigger time intervals in between, so it will mean almost always something else. One not always lives in the same relations and thus the visions will also refer over and over again to the new circumstances. For example: A perfume trader dreamt, he would have no more nose. As a result he gave up his business, because without nose, so sence of smell, he could not practice his profession any more. After his change of job he had this dream again. This time, however, he was got by the forgery by documents and had to flee in a foreign country. This time the loss of the nose meant that his face became ugly, he had lost as it were his face, so his respect. It is always important to consider the living conditions with the interpretation.

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