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In general:

Aries stands for masculinity, power, perseverance, strength and toughness which one needs for the other life. He can request at the same time to thorough consideration, before one tackles something.


The symbol of the creative natural forces not too often appears in our dreams. If we are attacked by this male sheep, we suffer in the awake life possibly from a person whom protect themselves by force our affection, us, however, at the same time also in a complete subordinate position wants to bring. If we pack the Aries in the dream in the horns, we will be able to solve upcoming problems with a lot of mind.


Against has to be valid as a symbol of man, the governing and the ruler, - then the old people said for 'rule' kreiein (Kreiein (spoken kriein) = will rule incorrectly with krios (the Arieses) associated.), further the Aries states the cookers. Well it is to be dreamt of riding on an Aries certainly and through level area, particularly for litre kinds and people who want to become rich - then the animal is fleet-footed and is valid as a team of the Hermes. (The god's messenger, but also the God of the speech and trade.)



  • Dreaming one, he finds or gets an Aries, he will receive authority for a year, - these are many Arieses, the term of office will last so many years as the number of the Arieses amounts, and he will become rich according to their fattiness.
  • Finding a prince Widder, he will get a power increase which corresponds to the difference between the sum of the counted Arieses and the former years of his exercise of power.
  • Dreaming somebody, one robs him of the Arieses whom he owns, one will wrest from him his power, - he sells them from free pieces, he will give up his authority and get according to the gold which he agree for it in distress. If he receives silver, he will argue in court.
  • he will kill
  • Killing somebody an Aries, a mighty prince.
  • Dreaming one, one brings him many Aries's heads, a face which only emperors can look, heads of conquered enemies will be brought forward to him, and he will rejoice about that.
  • letting of the emperors Aries kill, namely own, high dignitaries will fall from favour, these are foreign, he will let so kill many enemies like Aries.
  • Dreaming of the emperors or a general, he catches Aries and encloses them in stables, he will put under arrest so many princes of hostile people, how he Aries caught. If it seems to him as if he rides on an Aries, he will subjugate a ruler.
  • Bringing one to him the head of a horned goat, an ungeschlachter warrior will be brought forward to him in chains.
  • Arieses put out to pasture
  • Dreaming somebody, it at a place, will come according to their number of princes there to lead the regiment.
  • you has an unbending defiance which makes enemies to you.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant a successful future, - also: Misfortune,
  • are pursued by him: it announces to itself menacing evil,
  • see grazing peacefully in the Green: one has high-powered friends who exert themselves with whole strength in your favours.


  • see: a little bit more consideration.
(See sheep, zodiac)

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