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In general:

As a part of the dream surroundings it normally indicates the mood and feeling situation of the dreaming. He is aware of the situation-conditioned changes round himself and must adapt his behaviour with appropriate care. Weather stands for the mental 'weather condition', so for the prevailing moods. Besides, one often recognises the following weather relations:
  • sunshine stands for optimism which arises from energy and assurance.
  • cloudiness symbolises pessimism, fear and depression, sometimes also desperation (above all with black clouds).
  • tearing open cloudiness announces that one has reason for hope in a difficult situation, - her end is to be seen and will be less bad than one feared.
  • rain points to the fact that suppressed feelings are admitted again and the internal tension decreases, - however, this can also lead to the flood.
  • storm or wind announces differently strong emotional outbursts.


Weather can also express the internal reactions to certain situations. A beaming blue, cloudless sky points out, perhaps, to the fact that one can control the situation in which one just is and her matching moods and feelings also furthermore. If the dreaming takes note of the weather consciously, this could mean that it must see to be a part of a bigger whole and not possibly only self-determined individual.


Different weather conditions can be understood as spiritual answers to questions which position themselves to the dreaming.



  • the nice and cheerful: do not count on the moody luck, - also: Peace and luck at the home,
  • the bad: Quarrel and annoyance,
  • the murky and stormy: your future will leave much to be desired a lot,
  • the cold and rich in snow: your delicacy will be injured sensitively.

(European ones).:

  • always indicates the momentary mood situation, - a changeable destiny tells in, - only one makes huge progress to be confronted then suddenly with doubts and oncoming misses,
  • the reports of a meteorological office read: one will change the place of residence after long considerations, out of this, nevertheless, at the end derive a benefit,
  • a weather witch, - promises disagreeable states in the family,
  • swear to the weather: announces disputes at home and disappointments in the professional life.


  • the nice: you will be able to spend nice hours, - glad customer,
  • bad ones: unsightly message from a distance.
(See also rain, storm, 'flood', 'wind', 'clouds')

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