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Association: - Work on the productiveness. Question: - What would like I to do or create?

In general:

Tools in a dream symbolise the means which are available to the dreaming to maintain his life style. Tools can point to practical intelligence. Deep-psychologically looked one recognises in it the possibilities for the validity of the life accordingly of own arrangements and abilities which should be used more.


A particular importance closes to every tools:
  • a drill stands for working off of emotions and fears as well as for knowledge and
  • settings which have hardened.
  • a hammer gives the strength to the dreaming to break open old behaviour patterns and opposition.
  • A saw says the dreaming which he is able to divide the amassed experiences and to process afterwards, so that he can begin with something new.


The spiritual aid which can be shown in the dream on the basis of tools is, for example, love, devotion and mild activity.


From the vessels and tools every single one mean either the craft or that what rescues it in itself, as for example barrels of wine or oil, grain container wheat or barley or correspond to something which finds a similar use, as well as tools of all kind of friends, children and parents call, pantries the housekeepers, and chests and treasure small boxes women and house supervisors. It dreamt, e.g., somebody, the rein of his horse has torn in half. There died his groom. To another dreamt again, his mug has suddenly shattered. He died his oral innkeeper.



  • smoothing tools, how spatula or file see: a quarrel will soon be able to be settled, - or a discussion with a friend are settled,
  • sharp tools, as saw or knife see: point to turmoil caused by immoderation and set-tos,
  • in general: your plans are good and successful.

(European ones).:

    defects symbolise
  • while manufacturing a work,
  • defective ones: one is threatened by death or serious illness of relatives or friends and bad shops.


  • you is a competent person.
(See also craftsman)

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